3. Textile materials (from natural, synthetic fibers and blends with them, articles made from them used for living, technical purposes and garment)

3.1 Instrumental 1/1 standard depth of colour, ∆ L BDS EN ISO 105-А06

3.2 Coordinates of the colour ( L*, a*, b*, CАВ*, hАВ; X, Y, Z; x, y, Y)

BDS EN ISO 105-J01

3.3 Whiteness – instrumental method, W10

3.4 Shade, ТW10

BDS EN ISO 105-J02

3.5.1 Lightness, ∆Lcmc
3.5.2 Chroma, ∆Ccmc
3.5.3 Hue, ∆Hcmc
3.5.4 Colour difference, ∆Еcmс
3.5.5 CIELAB values, L*, a*, b*, C*ab, hab

3.5.6 Values of ∆L*, ∆a*, ∆b*, ∆C*ab, ∆Hab, ∆Еab

BDS EN ISO 105-J03

3.6 Spectral coefficient of reflection, R (from 250 to 2000 nm) DIN 5036-3
3.7 Color difference in the catalog "Pantone textile" and other color reference

BDS EN 20105-А02
BDS EN ISO 105-А05

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